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Mliswa Digs Deeper, Opens Whistleblowers’ Line On NSSA Corruption

Outspoken Norton parliamentarian, Temba Mliswa is living no stone un-turned to expose the rot at the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) after opening his own telephone line and email to the public to send in information on the underhand activities that have not been reported involving the incarcerated tourism and hospitality minister Prisca Mupfumira at the social security body.

Mliswa who has in the past openly fought battles with the NSSA executives and the incarcerated Tourism minister Prisca Mupfumira is not holding back and has gone an extra step to put a call out for evidence and reports from the general public on the rot at parastatal.

Mliswa has since started posting messages he claims to be receiving and these includes allegations that Mupfumira used nepotism to award tenders and contracts to her relatives without following due processes.

In one of the messages Mliswa posted, an anonymous person alleged that Mupfumira used NSSA funds to buy air tickets for Roman Catholic pastors to fly to Victoria Falls and Cape Town for her children’s weddings.

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Below are some of the allegations members of the public are sending to Mliswa…

“Ma elders e Roman Catholic Mt Pleasant led by Mbuya Wazara were bought air tickets by @nssazw to fly to Tariro Mupfumira’s wedding in Vic Falls. They were bought tickets to fly again to Bessie Mupfumira’s wedding in Cape Town.”

“Mupfumiras child owns ELEVATE which was forced on NSSA to do PR work without following procurement regulations. They were paid over $800 000. Why is this not being persued as one of the charges?”

“Elevate is now at ZTA. The car NSSA paid for was a MERCEDES bought from Zimoco and Tariro drives it. Does it mean there are two cars?”

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