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Music Legend Tuku Pays Tribute To Daisy At London Dinner Gala

Dr Oliver Mtukudzi paid tribute to his wife Daisy for standing by him for the last four decades of his music career, at a dinner held in his honour at the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel in London on Saturday.

By Tidi Kwidini

The event, organised by exclusive events specialists BlackTie Management, was sold out, with guests coming from as far as the United States and Germany to celebrate him.

In a moving speech to his wife, he asked her to marry him again.

“D, I want to marry you again, will you marry me?” he said.

“You are such a wonderful person.  I am not perfect but you are always moulding me to be a better person. We have had our ups and downs but, I thank you for being brave. I thank you for blocking all the bad things that come my way.

At times there are negative things said about me, and in most cases I know that they are not targeting me but they are targeting you. However, you have chosen to be with me despite the negativity. God bless you,” he added.

Tuku65 is an event organised to celebrate the musical life of the most popular, most recognised and most decorated Zimbabwean Dr Oliver Mtukudzi. Pic Credit: Norman Rukwava

In celebrating his wife, Tuku in one of the two question and answer segments,led by popular event host Soxx (Tim2Soxx) and broadcaster and former radio DJ Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, spoke about the longevity of his marriage, stating that he thought in order to be one,couples need to work together.

“In my case, I am a lucky guy to be where I am. I am not a genius. What you see or have seen is a product of a wonderful wife.”

Mrs Mtukudzi, who travelled with her husband earlier in the month to attend the Y2K Southern African Music and Arts (SAMA) tour where he was the headline act, said that she was speechless.

“I do not have much to say but that I love you. I will be with you until death do us part,” she said.

“Only God knows what sort of person you are. No matter whether things are going right, wrong, or people want to stir things up for us, they will never win because God is a protector,” she added.

There were several performances throughout the night and featured awarding winning band the Green Arrows led by Aaron Manatsa. There was also a moving tribute from Reggae musician Matty Julius.  Jazz singer Tendai Nelson was also amongst those who paid homage to the icon and his illustrious 40 year career.

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Wordplay poet Muunya Usuwana also dedicated a special poem to the legend titled, How do you do it?

 Singer/songwriter Shanky mesmerised the audience with her rendition of the popular 1993 soundtrack Neria from the film of the same title.

Rising UK based comedian Munashe brought the lighter side to the evening, with the audience in stitches during his comedic sketch.

The evening was also filled with several highlights from the guest of honour, with a special Q&A segment that afforded his fans the opportunity to ask him questions. The audience at home were also treated to an evening with Tuku courtesy of London based broadcaster Zimbo Live TV.

In a moving performance by Tuku and his band, The Black Spirits, he performed several classics and at a point joined the crowd on the dance floor to share a highly entertaining dance with his wife.

During the Question and Answer segment, Tuku shared his wealth of wisdom about music and the key to being an artist.

Shedding light on the secrets to success in music, Tuku’s primary message to musicians was that they be able to identify who they are before they start out.

“If you are meant to be a musician then be able to identify that you are,” Tuku said.

“There is a very thin line between who you are and your passion for what you want to be.

Most of us have certificates or diplomas on our walls. Some have even gone to degree level; but in most cases what we study is merely passion of what we want to be and, in some cases makes us ignore who we really are,” he said.

Dr Mtukudzi added that people should not discard education as it helped to enhance what they already have, which is talent. However, that they not neglect to discover themselves while doing so.

“God does not duplicate talent. Do not ever feel inferior. There is no better you than you.”

On competition and collaboration, Tuku said that there was no artist that was competition to him and that he was open to collaborating with anyone regardless of age or genre.

“Every artist is not competition to me, they are unique. I have what I have, they have what they have and I do not have what they have, Tuku said.

“I do not care which artist it is, as long as you are an artist, I would love to collaborate with you.

“The most important thing about collaboration is the song not the artist, so I would collaborate with any artist with an idea for a song because it is about the song,” he added.

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Speaking on success, Tuku said: “If you stand in the place of your art then you will get dropped because your art goes up there and if you follow it and go up there along with it, you will definitely fall.  Remain humble and, be who you are. Let your art fly high and there will be nowhere to fall.”

The tribute gala celebrated two key milestones, the release of his 65th album, Eheka Nhai Yahwe and what is the first part of his 65th birthday festivities.  The celebration also recognised his service to music and philanthropic work worldwide.

Tuku’s Manager Sam Mataure expressed his gratitude to the organisers and all who attended,adding that the event was spectacular and truly one of a kind.

“We are so humbled and are looking foward to the various celebrations lined up in different parts of the world in the next few months, organised exclusively by BlackTie Management”

BlackTie Management Events Director, Zenzo Ncube said that the team were thrilled to have hosted the exclusive event for one of the greatest musicians to come out of Zimbabwe.

“We would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate Samanyanga. We can honestly say that it was a fitting tribute for an exceptional man whose wealth of experience and wisdom are sublime,” said Ncube.

“We would also like to thank all our sponsors, particularly Unified Payroll, Senditoo and Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan. This event would not have been possible if it were not for you.” he added.

Tuku also echoed this message, thanking everyone who came, including the organisers who took the time to plan and host the event.

“Thank you to one and all and please keep up the good work,” said Tuku.

“I’d like to thank the organisers of this event. Do not do it just for me, let us do this for all our artists. They need to be celebrated. You do not know how much this has meant to me to have had the audience and, just the gesture of celebrating my birthday. God bless you all,” he added.

Artists and Events Director, Colline Watts encouraged the public to subscribe to Blacktie Management’s website www.tuku@65.com in order to be kept up to date on the latest news, future events and discount vouchers.

“Pictures and videos will be on the site shortly and more information on future events will be shared in the coming weeks,so keep your eyes peeled,” Watts said.

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