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Enzo Unapologetic Over Sexual Undertoned Songs

Despite facing criticism over sexually under-toned songs that dominated 2018 spilling into 2019, fast-rising Zimdancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall has defended himself saying artists should exploit what works for them.

2018 was marked by a number of sexually charged songs including Jah Signal’s Sweetie (Stonyeni), Baba Harare’s The Reason Why, Enzo’s Kanjiva, Magate, and Chiita Kwacho.

Speaking to 263Chat on the sidelines of Tuku’s send-off concert on Saturday, the 24-year-old said he would not strive to sing songs with deep lyrics as the late Oliver Mtukudzi did because he knows his strength lies in conveying humour.

“Every artist has their strength hence the genres of choice we follow. I do understand that music should teach and build positive characters, but with the genre I follow, not all is about teaching. In dancehall, sometimes songs are either composed for humor or dance hence my route.

“Not to dismiss lyrically rich content which is best explained by my song “Matsimba,” he said.

He expressed his wish to sing in front of an audience that barely hears Shona as Tuku did.

“Tuku’s life taught me that anything is possible and someday, just like he did I would want to play in front of an audience that barely hears Shona,” said the “Kanjiva” hitmaker.

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Also commenting on the matter, Baba Harare who has been criticised for sexually suggestive lyrics said his music simply conveys the art of interchanging words and rhymes but people translate the songs in ways that suit their thoughts.

“My music is a show of art, interchanging words and rhymes but people translate the songs into meanings that suit them. There is nothing vulgar with the word, ‘beans.’ What is wrong is how one translates it,” he said.

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