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Musician Hosts Valentines’ Dinner Dance to Raise Funds For Cancer Patients

AFRO-JAZZ musician, Brian Nyahuma will tonight serenade lovers at a Valentine’s dinner dance as part of a campaign to promote health awareness among couples.

The artiste said the show to be held at Splendour Gardens in Harare will run under the theme, Tora Rudo in a Healthy Faithful Lifestyle and will raise funds for young cancer patients.

Nyahuma, who fronts the African Pride band, said the cancer awareness event, which comes 10 days after the country commemorated World Cancer Day, would educate couples on how to handle the chronic disease better.

“Cancer patients are stigmatized due to lack of knowledge. Some people think that cancer is contagious. They fear to get close to people with cancer, which makes cancer patients live uncomfortably. I decided to hold this show and educate people on issues concerning cancer,” he said.

“As couples are sharing their love and time together this is the right time to pass my message to them through singing. I grew up with mixed conceptions of the disease as I thought only women could be diagnosed with cancer, only to realise later that even men can be as well. This is when i thought it is right to educate people about cancer,” he added.

Nyahuma has dedicated his career to singing about issues affecting society including child marriages.

“I have songs on child marriages that advocate for girls’ rights to education. In my other tracks there are songs which give people hope when they are faced with various situations,” he said.

Nyahuma was groomed and mentored by renowned jazz artiste and instrumentalist Clive “Mono” Mukundu. Some of the albums under his belt are So They Say (2007), Ndingatii Zvangu (2009), Hausi Wega (2011), Yambirika Listen (2013) and Toyambukira (2016).

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