NBS Rolls Out SMEs Value Chain Financing Suite

The National Building Society (NBS) has launched a Value Chain Financing Suite service to Zimbabwean SMEs, inviting them and entrepreneurs to open an account with the society and offers three account classes: silver, gold and platinum. 


Speaking at the official launch, the NBS Head of Marketing Miss Mildret Kujinga said the society is in pursuit of building communities and will prioritise SMEs on housing delivery projects. 


Kujinga noted that the society has tailored mortgages products that will enable a good number of Zimbabwean entrepreneurs to secure homes with NBS as long as they log in their innovation with the NBS Suite and also embark on traceable business banking with the Society.


“Through SME Value Chain Financing, NBS seeks to confront and address the financial challenges faced by SMEs in their day to day running of the business. We have done our research as a Society and today we unveil a suite that will offer disruptive financial solutions that will help our SMEs grow.


“Our product offering takes care of the key business pillars of SMEs such as improving their liquidity position, digitalisation of their business platforms and providing financial literacy and investment opportunities. We are launching the home of SMEs that will incubate their projects into becoming market leaders of this economy and beyond,” Kujinga said.


The launch event was graced by selected SME representatives who testified on how their businesses operating efficiencies had been improved by the facilities they get from NBS. 


Kujinga added that the NBS appreciates the distinctiveness of the SME sector as well as the unique needs of its individual businesses.



“That is why we have defined three account classes namely Silver, Gold and Platinum.  This segmentation is key to us as it enhances our appreciation of the worth, significance and uniqueness of each business class,” she said.


In pursuit of establishing empowered communities, NBS has rolled out digital platforms which will aggregate as a digital marketplace where sellers and off-takers can interact as well as exchange payments, all happening on the NBS banking ecosystem.



The Society has ramped up its digital offering which is key to creating business banking operating efficiencies designed to meet the diverse need of SMEs. 


Recently NBS published its Half-Year Financials which revealed a firm balance sheet. Kujinga said the society is buoyant that it is becoming a household name in the banking sector. 


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