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New Bookkeeping Software for SMEs

A local young innovator has launched an online bookkeeping software that allows Small to Medium Enterprises and Freelancers to perform core bookkeeping quotations, invoicing, transaction recording, payroll, Value Added Tax calculations among others.

In an interview with 263Chat, Byron Kabaira said his software is aimed at creating employment  during a time when the country is facing economic challenges.

“This is a life changing financial solution and capable of creating employment while solving the costing crisis” said Kabaira.

“Ziminvoice is an online bookkeeping software allowing SMEs and Freelancers to perform core bookkeeping functions like quotations, invoicing, transaction recording, payroll, VAT calculations and the system can generate basic reports like final accounts and VAT report”

Kabaira added that all the system’s functions can be performed from any Internet capable device on the go since it’s an online system hence ushering in the aspect of convenience to entrepreneurs.

In his own sentiments, Kabaira said SMEs are marginalized by the mainstream accounting services providers like Sage Pastel and SAP, which pushed him to target them with an alternative package that suits their needs.

“SMEs have become a significant contributor to national economies across the world but still remain marginalized by our mainstream accounting services providers yet they need this guidance more than ever before. The reason for such targeting was the identification of a lucrative niche market that just needs proper tapping.”

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According to Kabaira, the software just like any other computerized accounting software, it works through subscriptions paid monthly or discounted block payments.

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