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NuFert Launches New Fertilizer Brands

Agro-industrial Company, NuFert has introduced two fertilizer lines, the Pfuma topdressing blend and the improved EcoBlack N which minimizes nitrogen losses in the soil from volatilization and leaching.

EcoBlack N is a granulated urea, coated in an organic complex of carbon and other biological stimulants that increase microbial activity around the granule optimizing nitrogen use efficiency.

Most farmers after experiencing heavy downpours have been left counting huge losses due to loss of nitrogen from traditional Ammonium nitrate fertilizers through leaching.

The Pfumo topdressing is a blended line with the same nitrogen value as Ammonium nitrate being 34.5% as well as the addition of a whole 11% sulphur which is economical for the farmer.

“The Pfumo brand gets more sulphur in our soils for plant growth and helps with protein in the crop,” said Anton Brown, Nufert managing director.

“As for the EcoBlack, it’s a smarter fertilizer for maize than ammonium nitrate. Nitrogen is lost in the air once put in the soil but the EcoBlack the n stops that loss.”

Established in 2016 as an agro-industrial subsidiary of the Origen group, Nufert has over the years increased its production efficiencies.

The company produces 300 tonnes of fertilizer per day.

In 2018 Nufert launched new gypsum liquid (GYP FLO) formula on the market close to a decade after production of mass gypsum had been halted locally.

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The Origen group has two other divisions apart from Nufert which are its farmer contracting unit-StayWell, and the grain storage company-600 Seeds.

The group’s storage facility comprising of 5 silos has a combined capacity of 10 000 tonnes which it also leases to the Grain Market Board.

It has also procured a drier which allows farmers to harvest maize early and deliver to the facility for drying.

“With the drier farmers can now harvest early and deliver maize before its dry and we do the drying for them,” said Brown.

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