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Opposition Party Accuses ZanuPF Of Political Intimidation

Herbert Chamuka

Recently formed opposition party, People’s Unity Party ( PUP) has accused ZanuPF supporters in Makoni South of political intimidation ahead of the former’s inaugural national congress later this month.

The Herbet Chamuka led outfit will hold it’s elective Congress in Makoni South to choose party’s representatives in the 2023 elections.

However, Chamuka is crying foul alleging that ZanuPF is intimidating it’s supporters while threatening them with unspecified action.

“I have been reliably informed that some ZanuPF seniors are threatening our supporters .My sources told me that names were taken of those who support us.

“They were threatened with beatings and serious criminal activities,” Chamuka said.

He appealed  to SADC to talk to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to reign in on his supporters.

Chamuka further alleged that his new formation is enjoying support from traditional leaders and community members.

“All the headmen and Chiefs are in support of our party, they have deserted ZanuPF, CCC and MDC!”he boasted.


ZanuPF has traditionally enjoyed a large number of votes in rural communities but in recent by-elections, the Nelson Chamisa led CCC has been throwing in some fight and winning.

The 2023 elections will be key in deciding the country’s trajectory as the economy continues to dwindle under the Mnangagwa leadership.

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Inflation reached 254% last month forcing many basic commodities to spiral out of control!

This has largely made ZanuPF unpopular and there’s a general feeling that the opposition might upset Mnangagwa, running a risk of politically motivated violence.

“The party has become so unpopular hence it is resorting to violence and intimidation. It is embarrassing that ZanuPF is fighting a small party like PUP which is still in its formative days.

“ZanuPF supporters need to be aware that if they go ahead and break the law, they are not doing it for Mnangagwa but for them. It is them who will suffer the repercussions of the law,” Chamuka warned.

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