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Peekay discovers a precious diamond


It seems there is a lot of undiscovered talent which is yet to be tapped in our lovely country of Zimbabwe. One such talent which has been discovered is that of Scarfizzo, aka, the ghetto kid. He is into hip hop music and was recently signed under Peekay’s label, Heavy Wait Music, whom he collaborated with on a track called Anenharo, which is causing waves in the world of entertainment.

By Edward Makuzva

Anenharo, his first commercial song, was on Power Fm top 10 on number one for a month and remained in the top 10 for two months. Not only that, the song has stayed in the top 40 for five months due to its popularity. The song is also on high rotation in clubs and so had the opportunity to talk to Scarfizzo about the collaboration.

‘It is an honor to be working with Peekay because he is my mentor and he is the one who discovered me. I started singing when I was in primary school and l recorded two albums before though they did not make any impact. Then, l was young and did not know the proper way of marketing music,’ he said

The singer, who says his background is the inspiration for his music says growing up and going through hardships made him the way he is today. Born and raised in Mbare by his grandmother after his parents died, he is inspired by that upbringing to sing ghetto hip hop.

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‘My music is called ghetto hip hop, hence my other name ghetto kid, which is the opposite of uptown hip hop. It is conscious music which is inside me. It talks about real life issues that we see and experience everyday, and I also get to sing about my life,’ said the ghetto kid

The rapper is currently recording different singles this year with Simba Tags, one of the best producers in town, with KK managing and marketing the music.

‘My remix collaboration with Peekay has taken me to a new level and l am forever grateful for that. We are going to keep working together and l am following in his mentorship. We have already scheduled tours and videos shoots and l am so excited to be part of this,’ he said

The rapper finally thanked people for supporting his music and to look out for new material on the way.


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