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Poetry Column: Why It Never Worked With You

You should have let me to the vampires ,
Instead ,you took me and you said  i deserved better
You said i was too royal for their mistreat
You filled my brain with cotton candy
Soft and sticky, my sugar level got high
Your kisses were a  blue code to my heart and for a moment when your lips where pressed against mine i could hear my heart beat
You held my soul through my hand as if you knew it was a baloon in a windy weather
And thats why it never worked with you .

I was  a rose you picked from a grave yard
The old man warned  you
I beat my tongue
I closed my eyes
I kissed your lips
And accepted  your heart as if it was an invitation to the white house
Some how i started picturing Cinderella  as a black girl
Witnessing  bhibhidi bhabhidi boo
Which they call voodoo
Well good news
I was yours
Tinker bell ran out of magic dust
And Peter pan just became ….Peter .
And thats why it didn’t work with you

Love was like a Trevor Noah joke that white people would  laugh at,  yet i stare in confusion
But you dared to pull that joke on me and if i was Madiea i would have smacked you with my left hand but instead i giggled ….the worst sound that has ever escaped  my mouth
I felt bold ….call me Amber Rose
Knowing your family  was too overwhelming
I held my breath the air smelled friendly ,i got scared
You watched me fall like a feather
I guess i couldn’t  take the love
It was too toxic
It gave me  hallucinations of Lucy
She was your friend but somehow around her I got jealous
You loved my insecurities
That’s why it never worked with  you

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You treated me better  than me
You handled me as if i was the holy grail
You were good, well too good
You replaced the place of the rose
I became the black widow
You gave me power
I became sweet and venomous
I was ready for those  vampires  ….
That shadow their love with pride
That are introverts, so when you think of them its like the niggah dont exist
That prefer rounds to emotions
That make you the imaginary  girlfriend  you begin to feel Casper
That prefer nothing to something and if you blind enough it will the the best nothing you have ever had
I love tall guys that’s a weakness
the grand ripper is not a short kind
Love  is blind that’s why it never found me
That’s why it never worked with you
BlacShadow is a budding poet who has a deep passion for creative art.

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