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Poor Service Delivery: Kuwadzana Residents Living In Fear Of Disease Outbreak

Failure by the City of Harare to deliver quality service particularly in Kuwadzana where improper disposal of solid waste has left residents living in fear of another disease outbreak.

The Kuwadzana residents have raised concern over the poor service they are getting from council saying a lot of problems including solid waste, portable water delivery among others has not been attended to for long thereby putting their health at stake.

Just outside the community clinic in Kuwadzana 4, 263Chat witnessed a heap of litter at an unsanctioned dumpsite residents have now created to dump their waste due to failure by the local authority to regularly collect refuse.

Speaking to Kuwadzana residents, they expressed disappointment on the service they are getting from City of Harare.

“I am not happy at all with the council’s service delivery. They are supposed to be collecting refuse every week here but they are not consistent. This forces us to look for alternatives to get rid of the waste because we cannot survive with solid waste around us,” Mercy Marumure said.

“We dont access water everyday but when we get it, it not clean,” complained another resident.

Jairos Patrick Mateta also from Kuwadzana 4 expressed anger over the unreliability of City of Harare services.

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“Its been months since this burst sewer has been flowing past my house and the council is doing nothing about it even when you report.  I am now even scared that my grandchildren may contract cholera or other waterborne diseases because they are exposed to this everyday,” added Mateta.

Reached for a comment, City of Harare Public Relations Manager, Michael Chideme said the local authority has a plan for solid waste management in the residential areas and the Central Business District.

“We just finalized a tender for removal of all dumpsites in the city, by next week it will be kicking off,” said Chideme.

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