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Quality Of Everything: A Necessity For Zimbabwe

Quality is an art that each every individual must learn, master and practice to create a better or acceptable level of standard that enables sanity and structure of any environment that they occupy. Branding a country through quality management systems gives the country a fair chance for competition internally and externally on the global market.

Quality assures mental health as functionality of products and services relives stress and depression.  People are happier when the quality of life is at least of an acceptable standard but when it is not, it creates animosity.

Quality is the measure of excellence or state of being free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations. It is brought about by strict and consistent commitment to certain standards that achieve uniformity of a product in order to satisfy specific user requirements. ISO 8402-1986 defines quality as the totality of features that bear to satisfy stated or implied needs.

Quality and Brand promise are synonymous, and surely brand promise is quality, what you say it is, it must be what you said it is. When something is quality assured there is buy in and the benefits of Zimbabwe applying principles of quality enables our economy to grow and globalize. The UAE and Switzerland are classic examples of quality ran countries as everything is created to enhance the quality experience of citizens.

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Quality has long term sustainable benefits, and we all must see it as to propel ourselves and our country to the next level. It enhances, trust, credibility, innovation, customer care, performance, systems, sales, viability, visibility, market share, dominance and market preference.

A country brand is a service / product, and the service / product is in three categories which are,

  1.  Government: that provides the main service of creation, enabling, deployment, regulation and management of country services,
  2. Business world: that provide  government regulated products and services to the people,
  3. The people: consumers of both government and business world services and at the same time provide person to person services to each other.

We all depend on each other, as the ecosystem of quality is based on interdependence of products and services. Quality People or should I say quality citizens are the enabler of a quality ran and quality service country. The way a person thinks, in terms of sound quality of mind affects the people they serve either socially or economically.

It is every citizen’s desire to wake up to a country where they know that when they open their water tap, water comes out, when they switch on their lights switch the bulb lights up or when they use a banking service their money doesn’t get swollen by the system and when they are introduced to a new government policy it benefits them. Despite our desire for a better quality of life, we must all desire to serve quality to each other always, and such a culture brands our country effectively for our own benefit.

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Tare Munzara is a Country Branding Expert and The Chief Executive of Destination Marketing International & City Branding Org. He write this Column ‘’ Nation Brand With Tare Munzara ‘’ every Thursday. To Contact him email on ceo@destinationmarketinginternational.co.zw / taremunzara@taremunzara.co.zw  . phone / whatsapp 00263 774 817 440.

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