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Rapist Lecturer Sentenced to 8 years




A promiscuous till operating course lecture from a college in Harare has been slapped with an eight year jail term after he forced himself on his student breaking her virginity in the process.

Magistrate Gloria Takundwa sentenced Tawanda Kwenda to effective eight years in jail after four years were slashed on conditions of good behaviour within five years.

In aggravatory, Prosecutor Chipo Matambo had urged the court to consider that the complainant had lost her virginity to someone whom she had not consented to and that it’s her right to choose the partner of her life to give her virginity to.

She also told the court that the ruling should be a signal to might be offenders in future.

However, in his defense Kwenda denied the charges saying he had proposed love to the complainant and agreed.

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that on February 15 2019 at around 10am, Kwenda told the complainant not to call him sir but ‘daddy, honey or sweety’ the girl went home and Kwenda started to communicate with her.

On February 16 and at Debmar College, Kwenda tried to kiss the complainant but she refused while he continued to communicate with her through WhatsApp.

Kwenda complained to her for refusing to kiss him or touch her privates.

On another day the court heard that the convict also sent her short video of pornographic material.

On February 18, the accused also tried to fondle the complainant’s breast but the complainant refused.

It was also heard that on February 20, and after lessons, Kwenda ordered the complainant to remain behind.

The convict locked the main entrance and lifted the complainant to the reception room where he placed her on a chair, unzipped his trousers while trying to kiss her.

He also tried to insert his fingers inside the complainant’s vagina but she shoved him away.

The convict pushed the complainant down and she fell on her back before pulling down her trousers and raping her.

The complainant then managed to push Kwenda away by his neck, stood up and dressed up before telling Kwenda that what he had done was a crime.

Complainant then threatened Kwenda that she was going to report the matter to her parents but Kwenda bagged her no to do so.

Complainant rushed downstairs after she had heard that someone was in the building.

She later rushed to the police to make report after Kwenda had refused to return her bag and cellphone as unsuccessfully tried to make sure she does not make a police report.

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