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Resign From ZEC, CCC Tells Mohadi’s Daughter

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has called for the resignation of newly appointed Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) commissioner Abigail Millicent Mohadi Ambrose to save the intergrity and independence of the electoral mother body.

Ambrose who is Zanu PF deputy leader Kembo Mohadi’s daughter was among five new ZEC commissioners recently sworn into office by President Emmerson Mnangagwa sparking outrage from the opposition and civil society organisations.

Addressing the media Tuesday, CCC deputy spokesperson Gift ‘Ostallos’ Siziba said Ambrose must resign to save the remaining integrity of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

“We have a bone of contention in particular with the appointment of a Commissioner who is a daughter of Mohadi because it has a bearing on the integrity of the independence of the Commission, Mohadi (Kembo) is a contender in the 2023 election as vice President because one cannot be a judge because they are an interested part in.


“We are going to be using Parliament as a point of entry to make sure that we question and find redress to the issue of this particular appointment. We believe that to save whatever is left of the integrity of the Commission the said Commissioner must just resign,” Siziba said

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He said the party will exercise different ways including petitioning and demonstrating to show their displeasure at the appointment.

“Listen to the interview, any right thinking Zimbabwean can tell that the person is not fit for the job. It is no brainer, it is no conversation so anyone interested to not just the fidelity of the Constitution but to its credibility.

“Whatever is left of its credibility must be saved by making sure that the said Commissioner resign. We obviously in terms of our third course of action as CCC we have said that the Commissioner must resign we don’t want to invoke section 59 of the Constitution as a point of entry and exercise our displeasure through petitioning and demonstrating against the Commission. We believe that there room for this issue to be addressed,” he said

Siziba said the conduct and behaviour of ZEC has a bearing on how Zimbabwe conduct itself in the post-election period.


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