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Shot In The Arm For People Living With Albinism

A local financial institution, Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe has donated RTGS$140 000 worth of goods to the Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe (ALCOZ) to help reduce skin cancer risks among people with albinism.

Speaking at the handover ceremony in the capital today, Stanbic Bank Board Member, Mucha Mukanganwi said the bank is exploring more partnerships in an effort to alleviate the diverse challenges affecting people living with albinism.

“It is our hope that more corporates come together in partnership to develop more lasting solutions to the issues affecting this community. ALCOZ raised a critical issue of skin cancers that have become a threat to the livelihood of people living with albinism if they fail to get access to sun protection products such as sunhats and sunscreen lotions,” said Mukanganwi.

“In our efforts to ensure all year round protection against such fatal effects of UV  light, we have doubled our donation from 500 units to 1000 units of each of the basics required by ALCOZ, that is Nivea sunscreen lotions, lip balms, Dettol soaps and sunhats,” added Mukanganwi. 

The Executive Director of ALCOZ, Ms Loveness Mainato expressed gratitude for the gesture which she said came at a time the country is going through an economic downturn.

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“I want to thank Stanbic for remembering us again this year. You have provided us with our greatest needs that is these sun protection products. People living with albinism are getting affected by these cancerous wounds and in this prevailing economic situation, we were not expecting them to double the donation hence, we thank you,” said Mainato.

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