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Sungura Artiste Robbed Of Royalties

Popular Sungura artiste D.T Bio Mudimba, real name Day Tawanda Ncube, is crying foul after he lost royalties for his last offering Aluse Mushe Mushe.

Mudimba released the song on YouTube where a yet to be identified person stole the body of work and uploaded it on online stores as theirs.

The Kujata Jata singer says he has since been banned from uploading the song on other streaming platforms


“Guys i am so pained. Someone called Fuga stole Aluse Mushe mushe and uploaded on all online stores the very week it was released. I was banned from putting it on stores yavekunzi haisi yangu,” said Mudimba in Facebook post.

“Now yatevererwa payoutube channel yangu where i uploaded it first and it has been barred from monitization claiming that it now belongs to Fuga. Is it the way we should make money from the underprivileged who are struggling to earn a living from their hard work as Zimbos? May the almighty bless him who has decided to take the little bread for my children to feed his own,” he added.

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