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Prophet Sanyangore Returns!


Controversial pastor and founder of Victory World Ministries, Paul Sanyangore who had been out of the limelight since his alleged fake miracle scandal, has re-surfaced after he hosted a special service for a group of Indonesians who are visiting the country.

According to sources close to Sanyangore, the Indonesians are alleged to have come across one of his video clips on social media prompting them to request a meeting with him.

Sanyangore claims to have been told by God to fast and pray for a year after his humiliating fight with his cousin last year.

“I was silent because God told me to do so and I was praying and fasting, when I was doing this I was given a pregnant prophesy that I am going to deliver the nation of Zimbabwe,” said Sanyangore.

During his sermon to the Indonesians, Sanyangore said Zimbabwe was open for business while encouraging his congregants to come and invest in the country.

“My president is saying Zimbabwe is open for business and I encourage you to invest in this country because this is a God fearing country,” said Sanyangore who also promised to visit Indonesia.

In an interview with 263Chat, Sanyangore said he is back at the Mbare Netball complex every Sunday for his services.

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In 2017, Sanyangore’s cousin Andy, accused him of faking miracles, alleging that a video footage of Sanyangore walking on water, was doctored.

The video was a social media hit as it drew a lot of attention with some buying into the miracle while others dismissed it.

Since the scandal, Sanyangore had gone into oblivion prompting many to believe the eccentric man of the cloth, was indeed, fake.

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