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Tinashe Maphosa Sues Mai Titi For US$250k

Controversial comedienne Mai Titi’s ex-husband, Tinashe Maphosa has sued her for defamation and is claiming US$250 000 as compensation for injured reputation emanating from statements she made on her social media platforms following their split.

Maphosa and Mai Titi got married towards end of last year and held a colorful wedding early this year which was attended by local and international celebrities including South African musician Kelly Khumalo.

The marriage did not last long as rumors of split started filtering before it was confirmed by the two in seperate social media posts.

During the period of their split, Mai Titi made several allegations against Maphosa including claims that he stole her money.

She also accused the United States based Maphosa of infidelity- allegations that also saw several socialites including Olinda Chapel, Joey Nyikadzino, Zuva Habane among others claiming that Mai Titi’s husband had at some pointed messaged them in their private inboxes.

Now Maphosa has engaged lawyers suing Mai Titi born Felistas Murata of defamation claiming that his reputation was injured by her claims that he is a serial liar, abusive and criminal who used her name to borrow money from people.

“Plaintiff claim against the Defendant is for payment of the sum of US$250 000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars) being defamation damages. The damages arises from statements made by the Defendant on her social media platforms which include facebook through her social media handle called Mai Ts Diaries wherein Defendant stated that, the Plaintiff is a serial liar, abusive, rapist and criminal who used the Defendant’s name to borrow money.

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“Furthermore the article went to insinuate that the Plaintiff was a criminal who has perfected his art of planning his moves before striking to manipulate his victims,” reads part of Maphosa’s application.

Responding to the application on her Facebook page Mai Ts Diaries, Mai Titi dared Maphosa to bring as many summons as he can, saying she will not be silenced to tell the world what he did to her.

“U want to silence me through courts I was silent but zvawatoita izvi I will talk let the whole world know you are a Criminal tsotsi mbavha gororo. Bring as many summons as you can,” said Mai Titi.

In another post, Mai Titi laid into Maphosa saying; “You steal from me you runaway then you serve me stupid summons tht I should pay you for telling the world tht you stole from me imbwa mugodhoyi damariyangu yawakaba stop sending your stupid lawyers here give me my money you stole in my house satan muroyi Musatanyoko bring yourself to Zimbabwe if you didn’t steal imbwa musatanyoko.”

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