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Vimbai Zimuto Urges Women To Embrace “Sagging Breasts”

Fearless Netherlands based artist, Vimbai Zimuto continues to break barriers, giving a different narration to the Zimbabwean entertainment industry story.

In her International Women’s Day celebratory message the singer advises women with sagging breasts to embrace them.

She says sagging breasts are a sign of responsibility.

Zimuto who has caused a stir on social media with pictures of her naked self, captioned her latest post on Instagram where she is kneeling by the beach in her birthday suit with both hands balancing her body allowing her to face the sky while giving a view of her left breast, saying sagging breasts are a sign that men enjoyed themselves in pleasuring women in that state.

“Having Mapata pata,(sagging boobs) is a sign that your man enjoyed himself while pleasuring you, Your Children were well fed, and you’re having a blast,” she wrote before typing her International Women’s Day commemoration message; “Happy International women’s day to all Women from all walks of Life.”

The Hapana Kwaunoenda singer has been posting her naked pictures at a beach as build up to her upcoming music video expected end of March.



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