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Union Accuses Govt of Deceptive Tactics in Proposed Teachers Professional Council Bill

Amalgamated Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) national spokesperson Obert Masaraure has expressed concerns over the proposed Teachers Professional Council (TPC) Bill, accusing the government of using deceptive tactics to regulate the teaching profession.

Yesterday, Cabinet announced the proposed Bill which was aimed at dealing with quality assurance in teaching and learning with a view to professionalise the teaching service and establishing as a regulatory body.

In an interview with 263chat, Masaraure said the outlined principles and objectives of the bill are designed to mislead teachers who have long been advocating for an independent self-regulatory body.

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“The outlined principles and objectives of Teachers Professional Council (TPC) Bill are couched to deceive Teachers who have been calling for an independent self-regulatory body. In reality the employer seeks to create a body filled with representatives of the employer and token representation for teachers. Such a body will be deployed to frustrate efforts towards enjoying Collective Bargaining Rights. ARTUZ will join hands with other Unions to demand a TPC for teachers by teachers,” said Masaraure

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According to the proposed Bill, the Teaching Profession Council of Zimbabwe will serve multiple purposes, including professionalizing the teaching service, enhancing the public standing of teachers, and acting as an independent, representative, and self-regulated board to champion issues related to the teaching profession.

Moreover, Government said the council aims to strengthen professionalism in the education sector and promote the Zimbabwean philosophy of unhu/Ubuntu and holistic education.

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