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‘Vapostori quick to opt out of medication’

Members of the Vapostori sect are quick to desist from prescribed medications, Dr Maguranyanga has said.

Part of the vapostori reject all Western medicines and contraceptive methods as ungodly.

The Vapositori who firmly believe that the healing powers and spiritual gifts are endowed from God, and used in promoting maternal and child health, facilitating child delivery, and restoring health to the sick have always stopped taking medication before completing the prescribed courses .

This surfaced at a brown bag event hosted by UNICEF in the capital yesterday.

Addressing people who attended the brown bag session, Dr Brian Maguranyanga who is the Founder and Managing Partner at MConsulting Group said that most members of the Vapositori sect are quick to desist from medication.

“When individuals from the apostolic sect decide to seek medical care they operate within the constraints of their faith.

“Those who seek medication do so in secrecy for fear of being seen at hospitals. Being seen at a hospital lead to the confiscation of one’s gown by elders which will be returned upon confessing,” revealed Dr Maguranyanga.

“It is in this light that members of the Apostolic sect stop taking medication,” he added.

Dr Maguranyanga presenting during the brown-bag session

Dr Maguranyanga presenting during the brown-bag session

Moving forward, Dr Maguranyanga urged members of the Vapostori sect to adhere to medication prescribed by medical practitioners.

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“Churches must inspire people to adhere to medication recommended by doctors instead of encouraging for harmful religious beliefs which discourage the intake of medicine in the name of faith,” he said.

“God cannot be manipulated by ascetic tendencies and overzealous emotions which are theologically inconsistent with sound biblical teaching and acceptable societal values.”

He also called for the promotion of basic education and access to secondary education for girl child.

“Promotion of basic education and access to secondary education for the girl child will enable girls to have a better understanding of the importance of medication,” he said


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