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Warrant of Arrest For Sybeth Musengezi

Former ZANU PF activist who is challenging party leader and President Emerson Mnangagwa’s legality, Sybeth Musengezi has been slapped with a warrant of arrest after absconding his scheduled court appearance today.

His lawyer, Douglas Coltart told the court that Musengezi had fallen ill and was not in position to attend court.

However, Magistrate Yeukai Nzuda ruled that Musengezi is in default hence he should be arrested.

Musengezi who was arrested on allegations of fraudulently acquiring the ruling party’s membership card has filed an application for stay of proceedings.

Musengezi made headlines in 2021 after he approached the High Court seeking to have the November 19, 2017 central committee meeting that forced the late former President Robert Mugabe to resign as Zanu-PF leader and crowned the then ousted Vice President Mnangagwa as the new Zanu PF leader, illegal.

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