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Warriors And Cranes Match Craze Hits Twitter

The second Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) group A match between Zimbabwean Warriors and Ugandan Cranes has drawn battle lines on Twitter with nationals from both countries at each other’s throats over which side would win the battle whose stakes have since gone up as a result of the social media tiff.

By Marshall Bwanya

The twar (Twitter war) dubbed #UGAZIM, featured content fashioned in a comical manner that evolved around the two respective nations’ economy, clothing, culture, corruption scandals and socio-economic situation.

No politician, celebrity or socialite from the two respective countries was safe as even political and grammatical errors made by Presidents from both respective nations were laid bare on social media.

Zimbabwean Twitter handler @Emoo__dj posted a viral video on social media that showed Uganda Deputy Prime Minister Retired General Moses Ali falling after kicking a ball in front of a large crowd.

To add salt to the wound on the same thread fellow Zimbabwean Twitter handler @tafadzwandiani posted a video clip that features President Yoweri Museveni saying, “You can see that the bright is very future,” and sarcastically tweeted “And the President.”


In another thread a Ugandan national with the Twitter handle @CityboyUg tweeted “The only country where papers and papers of money buy just a loaf of bread,” in a picture that featured a young boy carrying stacks of the defunct bearers cheques, to undermine the Zimbabwean warriors.

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Zimbabwean Twitter user with the handle @_maphala responded to the tweet by saying “That kind of English can cause stroke, hope you understand what I just said kinta kunte,” mocking @CityboyUg twit.

Ugandan Twitter user @AlcantraGreffin posted a picture that read ‘Armed robbers steal 500 loaves of bread,’ and tweeted, “Such a country can’t beat us.”

The tweet however, that arguably won the twar of Zimbabweans was a tweet by handler @tafadzwandiani who mockingly twitted “I found a Ugandan movie. Ya’ll not ready for this.”

 This tweet contained a video clip of a low budget Ugandan film that features a battle scene in the forest with ridiculously edited graphics and grammatical errors where a soldier is pleading with his fellow soldier, “chopper, chopper where are you…the man is killing us,” and the soldier flying the helicopter responds “the forest is too damn thick I can’t see you,” drops the bomb then later yells, “there is tiger mafia, I got him, I got him.”

Both teams will be looking forward to collect maximum points to enhance their chances of advancing in the next round of the 2019 AFCON tournament.

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