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Waverly Managing Director Faces Private Prosecution

Late Waverly Blankets Waverly Plastics founder Victor Cohen’s daughter Amanda Berkowitz has been issued with a private certificate of prosecution, paving way for the criminal trial of the company managing director Aron Vico on a slew of fraud charges.

In a letter to Senior Regional Magistrate at the Harare Magistrates Court, Berkowitz, through her lawyers Warara and Associates notified that they had been instructed to proceed with private prosecution in a matter involving Amanda Cohen versus Aron Vico CR39/03/19.

“Attached hereto is the certificate nolle Prosequi in respect of the above matter granted by the Prosecutor General on 23 November 2020. We request that this matter be allocated an appropriate court date in the regional court as soon as dates are available,” reads Warara and Associates letter to the Harare Magistrates Court.


Berkowitz and her sister Belynda Halfon are embroiled in an inheritance wrangle with Vico, his mother Debra Vico and staff members Laxi Boddapati and Marco Faccio

Vico is being accused by Berkowitz of altering the company’s shareholding to exclude other shareholders following the death of Victor Cohen.

Berkowitz alleges that Vico created new shares amounting to 80 percent of the company and allotted these to himself.

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