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ZB Launches Pauri/Khonapho Card


ZB Bank financial Holdings today launched Pauri/khonapo Card,  a convenient card that allows one to transact at any of the bank’s platforms and Zimswitch enabled ATM or Point of Sale terminal.

The which card is part of the bank’s  response to the financial inclusion strategy is linked to the holders’ mobile number and can be used to send money to any mobile network.

Features of the ZB Pauri card.

The ZB Pauri card is a convenient card that allows one to transact on any ZB platform and Zimswitch enabled ATM or POS terminal;

  • Send money to any mobile network i.e. Telecel, Econet and Netone
  • The card is linked to your mobile phone
  • No minimum balance
  • No need for a bank account
  • Transfers to any ZB account using the mobile wallet
  • Transfer from any ZB account to ZB Pauri card
  • Low cost of card- $0.80 per card
  • Use of ZB ATMs and POS machines to access services
  • Use of ZB branches
  • Use of ZB Pauri/Khonapho agents across the country
  • No opening deposit required

Watch video below for more on Pauri Card

Where can I get the card?

The card can be purchased at any ZB Bank branch or ZB Pauri/ Khonapho agent

How do I register for the ZB Pauri Card?

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To register-

  1. Purchase a ZB Pauri/Khonapho card and fill in the registration form enclosed within the package.
  2. Submit the form to any ZB branch or ZB Pauri/Khonapho agent who will capture the information. At this point you will get a 5 digit password sent to your mobile which gives you access to use your phone for transacting.
  3. How do I activate the card?
  • When you buy your ZB Pauri/Khonapho Card you set your own desired PIN on the ZB POS terminal. As you set your PIN you are activating your card. This becomes your PIN number.

Pin number

How to change pin number

  • In case you have a future need to change your desired PIN, go to any ZB ATM or POS and change PIN using the Option “PIN Change”.
  • How to link your card to your mobile

Once you have registered your card and set your pin dial *440*600# and go on card registration. Follow the easy steps- you have now linked your card to your phone.

How do I use my mobile to transact?

Once you are registered dial *440*600# then dial. Insert your 5 digit pin which you received earlier. A menu item will appear and follow the easy steps.

How to I load money onto my card?

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To load money onto your card you can do a direct deposit or transfer money from your ZB account.

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