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Zim Red Cross Society Receives Stocks Worth US$49 000

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZCRS) has received replenishing stocks worth US$49000 aimed at strengthening emergency response in areas that are prone to natural disasters from the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC).

The stocks will support the ZRCS to preposition in areas such as Mashonaland East, Mashonaland Central, Masvingo and Manicaland provinces which were affected by tropical cyclones.

In his acceptance speech on behalf of the ZRCS Secretary General, Elias Hwenga, the society Operations Manager, Tapiwa Chadoka paid tribute to the British and Finnish Red Cross societies for providing initial support during tropical depression Anna early this year.


“What we have witnessed here is an expression of the relationship and strength of the ZRCS which as a member of the International Worldwide moment of the Red Cross, we are able to get support to fulfil our mandate which is that of delivering our mandate to everyone who needs it at the right time and on time. We thank the IFRC for the support that has come through to replenish all the stocks that we have used in the response to Cyclone Anna.

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“Emergencies are now happening at a faster and more frequent rate than what used to happen before and they are even more damaging than what used to happen before. It is also a result of climate change and many other factors that are happening now. Without the support that we receive from our Red Crescent Movement Partners, the IFRC, the ICRC, British and Finnish Red Cross the national society may not be able to fulfill its mandate of protecting the citizens of Zimbabwe as an auxiliary of the government,” said Chadoka

Speaking at the handover ceremony Ms Hillary Motsiri standing in for IFRC Head of Country Cluster Office, John Roche said the replenishing stocks will go a long way in serving affected societies.

“The strength of the Red Cross is in the volunteers who are the affected people, the communities etc. In supporting national societies, there are some repositioning stocks that had been given to address the issues that affected the communities during the depression Anna which include the Tarpaulin, Shelter kits and others. When a disaster happens, we receive meteorological information and people are told to move to higher ground or whatever needs to happen.

“However, there also those who lose their blankets and shelters and we ensure that they are provided that. The national Societies in the different provinces will receive some of these shelter kits, Tarpaulin, blankets and all the other things that we need so that in the next disaster we are prepared,” Motsiri said

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The replenishing consignment consists of 510 Tarpaulin, 171 shelter toolkit, 680 Cotton Blankets, 20 Plastic Sheets, 340 Mosquito Nets, 500 boxes of face masks, 550 hand sanitizers, 510 Menstrual Hygiene Management kits, 268 Jerry Cans, 1700 Water Guard, 260 Bibs, 50 T-Shirts, and 310 Rain Coats.

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