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Zimbabwe Opposition Politics Now Lacks Tsvangirai Effect: Komichi


Former Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) chairperson Morgen Komichi has expressed concern over the current state of the opposition in Zimbabwe which he says lacks former founding president Morgan Tsvangirai’s effect.

Komichi who was dethroned from the powerful post of chairman and later appointed secretary for national reconciliation lamented the death of opposition politics.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Wednesday, Komichi began by reminiscing about the party’s influential past.

“The leadership of Morgan Tsvangirai is the one we miss today; therefore, you cannot define the opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

“My heart bleeds especially when I think of our MDC headed by Mr. Tsvangirai; it was a force to reckon Zimbabwe would shake, the government would shake immediately after Mr. Tsvangirai calls the shots,” said Komichi.

He expressed disappointment at the current state of affairs, with the government seemingly relaxed and the opposition in a state of silence.

“Today, the government has forgotten, the opposition is quiet. What is the problem? We need to deal with those issues,” he urged.

Expressing his concern for the suffering endured by the people of Zimbabwe, Komichi highlighted the atrocities committed by the ruling Zanu PF party.

“It’s not only them, the men, women, and youths perished in various parts of the country. So many women were raped by Zanu PF, many homes were destroyed, and so many people were displaced in Zimbabwe and went into the diaspora. People suffered trying to fight, and we cannot lose this war. The democratic struggle must continue,” Komichi said.

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Drawing attention to the upcoming general elections, Komichi called on the survivors of past hardships and those currently residing in the countryside and the diaspora to come together and organize for the betterment of the nation.

“There are so many survivors who are there today in the countryside, some in the diaspora, who have the confidence and need to return and think about what we are doing as a nation now that we are preparing for the general elections,” he urged.

Komichi lamented the diminishing hope and confidence among the electorate saying it’s no longer what it used to be.

“The hope that people used to have when we were going for elections is no longer there, the confidence that they had when going for an election is no more there. As we speak right now, there is no mojo in the rural community, in the locations; it appears there are no general elections at all. Things are not enticing. What’s wrong with that?” he said.

The former MDC chairperson’s remarks shed light on the need for revitalizing the opposition party and the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe.

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