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#263Tech: NetOne Unleashes One-Fi & One-Cliq

NetOne, the country’s biggest state owned mobile network operator has today launched two exciting products which are set to take the market by storm due to their commercial viability. The awakened telecom operator unleashed One-Fi and One-Cliq, two broadband solutions expected to solve subscribers’ data needs.

Addressing a press briefing in Harare on Thursday, NetOne acting Chief Executive Officer, Brian Mutandiro announced the arrival of the two new services ready for purchase on their NetOne USSD codes.

Brian Mutandiro said “NetOne has emerged as force to reckon with and is currently the Mobile Network Operator of choice as testified by the hundreds of thousands of subscribers that have migrated and joined the family. We are indeed humbled by this and as a team we feel challenged to provide service quality hence our sustained efforts in value adding our products and responding to the ICT needs of the generality of Zimbabwe.”

Having a detailed look into the products, ONE-FI is a Wire to the X (WTTX) service. Where X may represent businesses, churches, homes, universities, schools, shopping malls, hotels and any other public places. “We are excited that we have the capability offer multimedia services to all of the above and the product we bring to the nation can connect up to 32 people at the same location using a NetOne sim card.” added Juliet Ziswa, the Marketing Executive. 

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More-so, the One-Fi solution provides a phone service using our range of numbers that can be matched to suit customer requirements. This means that any applicant of the service can keep their last six digits. NetOne’s angle of innovation is based on Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and inherently announces their arrival on the convergence scene through this platform which provides fibre like broadband services complimented by mobility.


The new One-Fi Solution is cost effective hence packaged with a one-time purchase of a home wi-fi device that costs $130. Following the purchase of the device, subscribers will be able to access the One-Fi data bundles at the $9, $19, $39, $59 and $99. The bundles, shown in the table below offer MORE VALUE for the consumer and a greater experience than any other similar offer in the country.

In his continued speech, Brian Mutandiro said “One-Cliq is an exciting product which we have introduced to our subscribers as a token of appreciation for their continued support and confidence. We have been going around the country and have made contacts with various community groups and in the process learning the needs of the people. This product applies to closed user groups both formal and informal. Its premised on the desire to enable ease of communication by offering discounted rates to community groups like business groups, church cell groups, sporting groups i.e. fan clubs,educational or professional groups, mukando and any other like-minded groups.

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All you need is to have a minimum of 5 people in your group and you sign up using Netone sim cards and you are entitled to special rates so that everyone in your group has access to affordable technology. With the advent of technology, we cannot underestimate the importance of social media and we are cognisant of the fact that most groups are found on Whatsapp and Facebook hence our product is not biased towards formal groups only but it cuts across all for instance we are saying you belong to a Whatsapp group be family, school, work, church, boozers, dancing or whatever it may be as long as you are more than 5 you all qualify for the discounted rates. Once you do this be assured that everyone will participate in group discussions as they will be on discounted voice and data bundles. I’m sure this is sweet music to all group administrators.”

The battle for relevance continues…………….!!



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