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Dancer’s Jive263 Dream Shield Youths From Drug Abuse

Zimbabwe has for the past decade faced threatening levels of unemployment that has led young people to resort to drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping idleness and poverty.

With the government’s gospel of employment creation, a young dancer from Harare’s Kuwadzana suburb has defied the odds to come up with a movement that will give talented youths an opportunity to pursue their dreams in the process dissuading them from drugs.

Takudzwa ‘Tkyz’ Mugodzwa’s Jive263, a promotional movement is giving upcoming musicians a platform to develop their talent at the same time educating them on the dangers of drugs.

According to Mugodzwa, Jive263 is an open platform to every upcoming artist from all corners of the country to help them develop their talent and turn it into viable means of earning a living.

“It has been my vision to promote arts, I was once a dancer but due to lack of opportunities, I could not go far though I firmly believe that one can earn a decent living from arts,” said Mugodzwa.

He added that his aim besides developing arts in Zimbabwe is to teach young people to stay away from drugs as this has destroyed many talented musicians who could not realise their full potential.

Mugodzwa called on the community and government to support his dream as it has the potential of transforming the country’s arts sector into a big thing.

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“In promoting my vision I am going to host workshops, festivals and many other arts activities, as these are platforms artistes need to reach their potential,” said Mugodzwa.

Arts can meaningfully contribute to economic development of the nation. In Jamaica, music industry contribute about 2.9 percent to the Gross Domestic Product.

Recent statistics have indicated that 60 percent of youths in Zimbabwe are involved in drugs, with the Zimbabwe Republic Police handling more than 100 cases of drug abuse every month.


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