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#263Tech: What life skills can kids learn from video games?


Children of nowadays find solace and entertainment in modern games such as the PlayStation series to the extend that some skip classes to visit gaming centers in town. Zimbabwe has that kind of generation which is highly obsessed with video games.

Modern Video Games hit the market in the early days of the new millennium, ushering in a new form of entertainment coupled with cutting edge technology which managed to entice every child of this digital generation.

Several vendors across the globe have ventured into video game production, with the likes of Sony Interactive Entertainment making billions of dollars out of their superior PlayStation series.

Over a million types of video games are now available in the market, with Zimbabwe being one of the major consumers of such computer modeled games. So as for parents, here are some of the healthier reasons why you should not be worried when your child is very passionate about video games:

Through your video game controller, you are the Link, the valiant adventurer, navigating a virtual icy cave in search of a coveted Heart Piece. In order to uncover the prize, though, you must figure out three of the cave’s puzzles consisting of several large blocks of ice.

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After scratching your head in bewilderment and maybe even letting out an exasperated sigh you move the blocks in the correct north, east, south and west combinations and hear the sweet sound of victory. You’ve mastered the challenge, and at last, the Heart Piece is yours!

Solving a difficult video game puzzle is not only exhilarating, but the hard work and knowledge it takes to succeed can make you feel pretty smart, too. The games in the “The Legend of Zelda” series aren’t the only ones that can teach life skills like perseverance and critical thinking.

Competitive sports games like “Madden NFL” and puzzle-heavy games like “Portal 2” teach kids the importance of good decision-making, planning and communicating effectively. And that’s only where the learning begins, there are numerous video games that are capable of teaching much more.

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