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Lado Okhotnikov Announces The Launch of P2P Exchange Service

Lado Okhotnikov, CEO of the Meta Force metaverse, presents a P2P exchange service and a near listing of the native token Forcecoin (MFS) on decentralized exchanges

Lado Okhotnikov’s Meta Force Announces the Launch of P2P Transfers as an Important Step Towards Creating Its Own DEX

Meta Force is a rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem that combines, among other things, an NFT marketplace, an online event space, and a gaming metaverse with rich gameplay. Lado Okhotnikov, founder and CEO of the project, аnnounces an important updatе: from now on, participants in the decentralized metaverse will have access to P2P transfers.

This planned event, included in the project roadmap, opens up great opportunities for the Meta Force community: now its members will be able to trade Forcecoin tokens with each other through direct transactions.

Forcecoin (MFS) is the native ecosystem coin that underlies the tokenomics of the ambitious project. Until recently, it could only be obtained through multimining on the internal Uniteverse platform, but in April 2024 this method of mining MFS was discontinued.

After listing on exchanges, all restrictions on the purchase and sale of MFS will be completely lifted, Forcecoin will enter the free market, and its unused reserves will be burned. This approach will support the demand and price of the token,” emphasizes Lado Okhotnikov, Meta Force CEO.

The implementation of P2P-exchange promises to be another milestone on the path to building a full-fledged trading platform within Meta Force. According to Lado and the development team, this direction of ecosystem development should culminate in the opening of its own decentralized exchange (DEX), which, according to the project roadmap, will take place in the second quarter of 2024.

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MFS tokenomics is built on a deflationary model. Firstly, the number of coins is algorithmically limited and cannot exceed 585,142,858; secondly, some of the tokens will be burned. Since Forcecoin is a full-fledged utility-token, serving as a working tool within a multifunctional metaverse with an ever-growing number of participants, its price, according to experts, will become increasingly higher.

Mr. Okhotnikov is generally pleased with the success of his team:

In two and a half years of tireless efforts, we managed to implement all the innovations provided for in the roadmap. This is a royalty program, a Uniteverse reality simulator, and an NFT marketplace.

The next key event is the opening of the Game AF direction, which will allow guests of our metaverse to monetize their gaming achievements. And after that the DEX will be launched.”

Lado Okhotnikov says that there are enormous tasks ahead that require complete dedication and innovative thinking. Among them are the introduction of VR functions, the implementation of RWA technologies and much more. But the main priority is commitment to the ideas of decentralization.

To learn more about the Forcecoin tokenomics, the order of P2P transactions, and the prospects of the global project, visit the Meta Force website or the pages of media resources published with the participation of Lado Okhotnikov.

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About Meta Force

Meta Force is a multifunctional decentralized ecosystem built on the Polygon blockchain. The project was founded in 2021 by Lado Okhotnikov, a famous crypto enthusiast, publicist, philosopher and financial analyst. Since 2023, the general idea of the project has been to create a new level of metaverse. The goal of the project is to integrate educational, gaming and business platforms, as well as social networks into a single information and business space.

At the moment, the number of Meta Force community members is already 1.8 million and continues to grow steadily.

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