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500 under surveillance of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe

More than 500 people are under surveillance of the coronavirus virus in Zimbabwe though there are no confirmed infections, Health and Child Care Minister Dr. Obadiah Moyo has said.

Speaking during the post cabinet press briefing, Minister Moyo said those under surveillance had come from the affected countries mainly China.

“We have 506 people under surveillance and these are people who came from affected countries but there are no confirmed infections. We have opened a public emergency centre Parirenyatwa Hospital in case of any outbreak” said Moyo.

Dr. Moyo also allayed fears of the deadly coronavirus saying the country is ready to avert any outbreak.

“Yes we are ready, we have been conscious of outbreaks not only coronavirus. Everybody is ready and well equipped, at entry points and ports. We have thermo detectors checking on temperatures and fevers,” said Minister Moyo

The Minister said mining giant Mimosa had approached government with the aim of supporting with the latest equipment in the fight against the disease.

“We have been approached by Mimosa who have decided to supply equipment at our airports. We have the latest technological equipment to detect. We have to be able to follow up on all who are coming in and we are following up on them” he said

He said an isolation and quarantine unit had been established at Victoria Falls since it records most visitors in the form of tourists.

“In terms of isolation we have a fantastic isolation and quarantine unit at Victoria Falls where we have most of our visitors as tourists and most of whom are from China. We are also encouraging medical institutions to train their workers,” he added.

Meanwhile Minister Moyo dispelled as falsehoods rumours circulating on social media to the effect that the country is not well equipped.

“That is total false information we have a good system, do not listen to those who want to cause panic. Health institutions will give you adequate information. We urge all people who intend to travel to defer their visits as it will end with a situation that they will not control,” said Moyo.


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