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MDC, ZCTU Throw Weight Behind Gvt Workers Stay Away

Opposition, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union, (ZCTU) has both thrown their weight behind civil servants’ planned stay away.

The government workers have decide to take down tools citing “non-satisfaction” over their salaries and poor working conditions.

The MDC, led by Nelson Chamisa has said that for the civil servants to demonstrate is legitimate and that they should express their feelings towards an “uncaring government”.

“The MDC is in full support of next week’s proposed work-stoppage by government workers in light of the paltry average monthly salary of$475 for civil servants, which can hardly buy 26 litres of fuel,” wrote Luke Tamborinyoka, the party’s deputy national spokesperson.

Tamborinyoka also noted how the government has reacted towards the doctors who are also on strike which he said show cruelty and poor governance by the ruling party.
“Zanu PF government has already criminalized the hard working doctors and medical personnel who are incapacitated to come to work due to their measly salaries and despicable working conditions. This government is in fact responsible for the slow genocide taking place in the country’s dysfunctional health institutions, where Zimbabweans are dying due to lack of drugs and poor remuneration for our dedicated medical staff,” he said.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union, ZCTU president Peter Mutasa also commended  government workers for the move.

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“It is a good thing that the workers have decided to do this and stand up for their rights,” he said in an interview.

“We are happy that all the distortions within the labour movement about the source of our problems are gone. Workers and all trade union leaders are now conscious about the devastating effects of austerity and neo-liberalism in general. We now have uniform demands,  that of USD salaries or equivalent using the obtaining exchange rate. We have already resolved to unite the labour movement and  fight back until workers and citizens are free from poverty,  repression and general need,” added Mutasa.

The demonstration is said to be organised Public Service Association, APEX.

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