Book Review: “The Art of Realising your Dream” By Abel Mavura

Author Abel Mavura who is also a musician has written a motivational book titled “The Art of Realising your Dream” which is set to be released this month. Below, Mavura offers a brief review his yet to be launched book.

This Book focuses on the art of realizing one’s dream, which I felt compelled to call the recipe for dreamers. One needs to adopt certain aspects, which of course are stressed in the book, in order to realize their dreams or achieve something meaningful in their lives. It is somehow, to a greater extent,  a mirror that reflects my life journey, testifying on all the success stories, practical examples of success in life and challenges that one might face, strategies to maneuver through difficulties.

It recognizes the need for individuals to accept themselves, believe in their potentials, and continuously seek to develop themselves, the importance of setting goals in life, what it takes to have a Desire, Self-belief, Faith and hope, staying power, visioning, discipline and courage for one to realize their dreams. It also brings inspiration to young people and aspiring leaders on how they can realize their dreams despite challenges they face or their backgrounds.

As earlier stated, this book is a mirror reflecting on who Abel Mavura is and where he’s coming from. In that same spirit it seeks to create lessons out reality with an objective to assure all ages that life is not a constant cycle. It should rather be viewed as a dynamic system with inputs, processes and outputs. Inputs are the efforts we put towards our goals, processes are the challenges we face and outputs is the new being after all the hassles.

Of late, motivational writing has been gradually evolving into a research field. Writers often preach on reported speech not from a firsthand experience. In this case, the situation is different because I grew to understand that people need genuine and practical examples with references. This will revive their hope and accelerate their movement towards achieving goals, which is after realizing their dreams.

In this book I also give examples of other successful people which people can draw lessons from.

The illustration on the cover is of the Japanese Bonsai plant or Penzai as it is called in the Chinese community.

There’s a brief history on how these plants are grown:  Bonsai is actually an art of growing trees in pots or trays.

The plants grow over a relatively long period of time.   Now looking at the size and shape of the one on the cover, one can tell how extremely old the tree has grown with regards to its size. The size coupled with the twists all over its trunk make the imagery a much audible message.  Note: the size is a presentation of growth over an extended time and the twists represent situations faced over time. Conclusively the tree is a symbol of a life filled with struggles but persistence resulted in success at the end of the day. Success is represented by the lively green leaves, which is obvious that green vegetation re

This illustration coupled with my life story make up the content within “The Art of Realizing Your Dream.” The book is a testimonial of how I survived through some tragic circumstances, which might be faced by other people today. These challenges are the same that fine-tuned me into who I am today.

If you feel you really need to be motivated that whether Big or small dreams can come true, then this is a book you should read. Unlike other motivational issues which are researched, this one is a firsthand testimony from the person with some experiences.

One common belief is, one that gives you a book has given you wisdom. Therefore, with that in mind I remembered to put all that I have learnt from the struggles into the book and help dreamers be dreamers with results. Dreaming is not enough but action completes it although a number of challenges may try to draw you back. I believe that out there in the world, there are even greater dreamers than myself. But they just need some starting point which is motivation. I won’t be able to meet all dreamers in person and motivate them but written words will reflect forever.

The scheduled official launch is end of October, 2017 in Harare Zimbabwe and exact venue will be announced in due season. Watch the space for more information.