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Caps United In Turmoil As Players Confront Boss Over Outstanding Salaries


Caps United players today besieged club vice president Nhamo Tutisani’s office demanding their outstanding salaries.

In an audio currently circulating on social media platforms the Caps United boss exchanged words with the players who did not have kind words for their boss.

“Munongoda kunzi mune maClub musina mari dzekumhanya maClub acho? Siyirai vane mari izvi Caps i Team hombe (Why should you go around telling the world that you own a Club when you do not have the Finances to run them? Leave it to people with money Caps is a big club)” said one player

Tutisani is heard telling the players that he does not owe them any money therefore they should approach the courts. The players argued that they had contracts which entitles them to salaries.

With tempers flaring, Tutisani threatened to expel one of the senior players telling him that he will not play any match at the club this year.


“As for you, Hauritambi (you will not play), go and check with your bank and see if there is no money in your account. I will personally pay you and I will hand you your clearance letter today,” said a fuming Tutisani.

In a sign of unity between the Caps United players, they dared their boss when he said he will give the player a clearance.

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“Tipe tiende tese mudhara hatichada kuitiswa newe (Hand all of us the clearance letters we no longer want you to exploit us)” the players were heard daring at Tutisani.

Tutisani has been accused of dictating things at the club and is alleged to have a huge bearing in the departure of Lloyd Chitembwe who is now at Harare City.


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