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Jompano Is Forced to Hunt With ‘Toothless Dogs’ As Dembare Players Yet Get Sign-On Fees

By Sports Correspondent

Dynamos Football Club, currently ranked seventh in the log standings, is facing yet another challenge as reports emerge of players not receiving their signing-on fees.

As the team struggles to find its footing in the 2023 campaign, the players are left in a state of uncertainty and financial strain.

Last season, Dynamos’ executive took a bold step by parting ways with senior players who were demanding better conditions and standing up for their rights.

Coach Herbert Jompano Maruwa, who was appointed last year, had expressed his desire to work with former club captain Patson Jaurue and vice-captain Godknows Murwira.

However, the executive declined to extend their stay at the club, leading to their departure.

As the current season nears its halfway point, the players are still waiting for their signing-on fees, despite the team having petroleum giant Sakunda Holdings as its main sponsor.

The failure to secure additional sponsors has further compounded the financial woes faced by the players and the club.

Speaking anonymously, one player expressed the difficulties they are facing due to the lack of financial support.

“Everyone knows life is hard these days, and we have families, but the club has yet to give us our signing money. You know if you are playing for Dynamos, your relatives or even society will expect your life to change, but it’s just fame with empty pockets,” said the player.

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The financial troubles have had a direct impact on the team’s performance. Dynamos, traditionally known for attracting huge crowds, has seen a decline in attendance at their matches due to poor results on the field.

In response, the executive has given head coach Herbert Maruwa a two-match ultimatum to turn things around.

With reports surfacing that players have also not received their winning bonuses for the recent match against Caps United, the situation for Maruwa and his squad continues to deteriorate.

Contacted for a comment, Dynamos Chairman Moses Maunganidze cited confidentiality regarding contractual matters.

 “These are contractual issues that are private and confidential. Do you want their creditors to pounce on them?” said Maunganidze, deflecting the issue at hand.

Furthermore, Maunganidze denied rumors that the players were receiving a paltry $5 as camping allowances, emphasizing that such reports were inaccurate.

However, the lack of clarity and transparency from the club’s leadership only adds to the growing frustration among the players.

This weekend, Dynamos will face off against ZPC Kariba, with both teams hoping for better fortunes.

As Dembare continues to rebuild its team after the departure of several experienced players last year, the burden falls on the young players to carry the legacy of the Glamour Boys brand, with little support and resources at their disposal.

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It remains to be seen how Dynamos will navigate through these turbulent times and address the financial concerns of their players.

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