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Chamisa Castigates ED Over ‘Rogue Elements’ Remarks


Opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has described as unfortunate remarks by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that ‘rogue elements’ working with international quarters to destabilise the country will be flashed out.

Speaking during a live broadcast with South Africa television channel SABC, Chamisa said finger pointing is not helpful as it escalates the problems in the country.

“It’s very unfortunate that we are getting these reckless statement from the leadership of the country at a time our country is in very dire and serious circumstances in terms of corruption, indicators economically and political stalemate and crisis we have. The human rights abuses we have and the nature of our state and disunity in our country on account of political polarization.

“We want a unifying figure, a father figure. We need a leader who is able to bring people together, to unite people in peace, love, harmony and stability but what we then have is finger pointing which is not helpful because it escalates the problem in the country instead of healing we are creating new wounds, instead of bringing together we are tearing apart. You cannot call your citizens rogue or terrorists you have to make sure that you unify instead of dividing.” said Chamisa

Chamisa said recent arrests and attacks on citizens at the hands of the state is a result of the legitimacy crisis around the 2018 elections.

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“What we have seen over the pasts few weeks by way of abductions detention illegal and unlawful arrest increase of human rights abuse especially at the hands of the state, abuse of journalists, lawyers and citizens at large, it’s an escalation of the crisis that has already been there. A problem of legitimacy around the 2018 elections, the legitimacy crisis is actually sowing all this.

“It’s an indication of a fragile state where citizens are in the peripheries, people are being treated as suspects. Without being at the centre of decision making. The democratic space is being eroded citizens are not allowed to freely express themselves as enshrined in the constitution. Demonstrations are legal as something enshrined in the constitution.” he added

The MDC Alliance leader defended demonstrations during the Covid-19 pandemic saying they cannot supersede the constitution and most regimes including Zimbabwe had taken advantage of the pandemic to suppress citizen’s rights.

“Most regimes are beginning to hide behind the veneer of the pandemic to also extend authoritarian rule making sure that they subtract citizens’ rights and that what we have seen in Zimbabwe…. Nothing overrides the constitution.”

Government thwarted a proposed anti-corruption protest on 31 July amid allegations that it was not intended for its said cause.

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