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Chamisa Is Not A Custodian of Legitimacy: Mangwana

THE ruling Zanu PF has castigated MDC President Nelson Chamisa over his refusal to accept the 2018 election result saying the 40-year old is not a “custodian of legitimacy”.

Mnangagwa appointed his cabinet last week with Chamisa calling for a dialogue amid economic turmoil that has raised fears of return to the 2008 hyper-inflationary situation.

In a telephone interview with 263Chat on the back of Chamisa’s call for a dialogue, Zanu PF Secretary for Legal Affairs, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana was adamant that legitimacy to rule the country lies with the citizens of Zimbabwe through an electoral process.

“Legitimacy comes from the people of Zimbabwe through an electoral process. It does not come from Chamisa.  Mnangagwa’s legitimacy came from the Constitutional Court,” he said.

“You don’t go to an election to rule with an opposition. You go to an election so that people make a choice as to who do they want to lead the country. The people of Zimbabwe gave President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF that mandate.

“Zanu PF has more than two thirds majority, so it does not need anyone else to rule the country because it got the mandate from the people”

Mangwana added that Chamisa was not the referee in the July 30 elections and should abide by the declarations made by the referee charging that he should not give himself more significance than he deserves.

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“Chamisa was not the referee in the election, there is a referee called ZEC and Chamisa being a lawyer need to understand that and should abide with its declarations.


“We don’t need Chamisa to move the country forward. We need to implement President Mnangagwa’s economic policies together with his cabinet.”

Chamisa tried in vain to challenge Mnangagwa victory in the constitutional court last month with the highest legal institution in the country ruling in favor of Mnangagwa saying the applicant failed to provide primary evidence to back his claims.

The electoral process was marred by irregularities with the electoral mother body being caught offside as it changed presidential results more than twice leaving the electorate with many questions than answers.

Protest broke out in Harare central business district claiming at least six lives after the military used live ammunition to disperse civilians a development that left Mnangagwa with many questions at the international stage.

However, posting on his micro blog twitter today, Chamisa’s spokesperson Dr Nkululeko Sibanda urged President Mnangagwa to address legitimacy issues in order for the country’s economy to return to its feet.

“The one thing that anyone who is interested in the Zimbabwe economy must address is the illegitimacy of the current government. Illegitimate President Mr @edmnangagwa must address the shame of his ZEC and ConCourt appointed leadership,” he said.

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The opposition party insists the election was stolen thereby throwing Mnangagwa’s legitimacy under the bus something that the 75 year old leader aggressively sought in order to lure foreign direct investment.

Over the weekend, the city fathers in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) resumed their cat mouse fight with the vendors’ with the latter having their wares being confiscated.

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