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Chamisa Pours Cold Water On Harvest House Saga


As the battle for control of the MDC Headquarters rages on Nelson Chamisa has poured cold water to the saga saying it is a passing phase.

Addressing Journalists at the Harare Magistrates Court on Saturday, Chamisa said it was not an issue to do with opposition outfit.

“It’s a passing phase these are just desperate attempts by desperate individuals who have realised how desperate their circumstances are. This is not an issue to do with MDC, it is an issue being visited upon us by our colleagues within Zanu PF,” Chamisa said.

He accused President Mnangagwa of being fixated on dealing with individuals in the opposition while forgetting national issues.

“Corruption has become a national religion, it has hit new decibels of insanity in the country and those are the issues we must be dealing with. This whole issue that we are calling a crisis is a passing phase, we have been in this game for long-time. This is all being visited upon us on account of our refusal to submit to issues of abuse, compromise and issues of undermining that which we are fighting for.”

The MDC Alliance leader dismissed Mwonzora’s claims that there was a smooth handover- takeover of the Harvest House.

“Examine them medically you cannot say there was a smooth handover-takeover. Definition of clean must be examined. They did this at night, our Secretary General was brought to the attention, and they had the company of soldiers and police. It’s on record and cannot run away from that lie” he said.

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Chamisa said the MDC-T was being supported by Zanu PF in everything however he dismissed everything saying they will not succeed.

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