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‘Chamisa Should Have Accepted Mnangagwa’s Offer’

Outspoken Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa says opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa should have accepted President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s offer for him to become the leader of the opposition in parliament, a position which would entitle him to a number of perks.

This comes as Douglas Mwonzora, who subsequently assumed the role, was reportedly given a farm, a top-of-the-range car and a grant from the Mnangagwa administration as a reward for his ‘loyalty’ which

Mnangagwa was reportedly ready to create a new position for Chamisa in 2018 had he accepted the outcome of the presidential elections. However, Chamisa refused, prompting Mnangagwa to create an alliance with Mwonzora.

The MDC-T leader, however, is reportedly under fire from within his party for accepting the goodies which some believe is a betrayal of the opposition party’s ethics.

Mliswa further stated this refusal was ill-advised as it would give Chamisa a better life.

“Chamisa’s refusal of the Leader of the Opposition position was a strategic failure that was emotional and short-sighted. It would have allowed him to control his MPs, set the tone for his party from the front and wield power more emphatically instead of through proxies,” Mliswa said.

He noted that the refusal created a vacuum which was then filled by Mwonzora.

“Mwonzora has simply taken advantage. The opposition has made numerous blunders from which it is now struggling to extricate itself,” Mliswa retorted.

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He blamed the opposition for being emotional over national importance issues such as land. He argued that the opposition members must have received land and benefitted as any other citizen.

“The other issue relates to land. It remains the emblematic one. They should have partaken and received land too but they scoffed at it. Chamisa should get land. Biti should get land. In fact, Biti is already a great farmer in his rural area but if he were to get a farm today their supporters would attack him as a sellout.

“It’s sad. He should get bigger land to expand and benefit the country. The opposition supporters were fed and spoiled with a theatrical version of politics that ultimately hurts its own. You cannot be leaders that attack everything and yet offer no plausible alternative. You refuse the land narrative and offer what?” Mliswa questioned.

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