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Chivhayo Saga Deepens As More Big Wigs Are Implicated


The Energy Sector Workers Union of Zimbabwe (E.S.W.U.Z) say there is more to the corruption saga involving flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivhayo, who stands accused of benefiting, albeit corruptly, from a Gwanda Solar Project tender by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA)

E.S.W.U.Z General Secretary Gibson Mushunje told 263Chat that ZESA did not only grant US$5 million as upfront payment for the deal but there is an estimate of $30 million that was paid to other private companies owned by bigwigs.

“We know the Parliament and the public are making noise over the $5 million that was given to Chivhayo but that’s not all but an estimated $30 million was paid upfront to Solahart, Finmark, and Nyamazela to do the installation of prepaid meters.

“These three companies were accorded the privilege because they are owned by people who were named at Parliament the likes of (Samuel) Udenge, (Dzikamai) Mavhaire, Mbiriri,(Josh) Chifamba and many more.

“Even (Patrick)Zhuwao of the G40 cabal was part of this because he was also a board member at ZESA  before he chose to be a border jumper,” he said.

He added that ZESA officials are still putting in place other private contractors who are overcharging clients.

“Engineer Shereni is putting in place 7  private companies to install prepaid meters yet ZESA is seating on better competent staff who are not resourced to carry out that operation.

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“Some of them are already working and they are charging the masses $10 for installation which should be done for free and this clearly shows a sign of corruption.

“Despite the $10, ZESA is paying them $30 for installation and wouldn’t it be cheaper to use a salaried employee,” he said

Mushunje said ZESA has been in the habit of engaging in shoddy deals which have gone unaccounted for.

“ZESA has created Wicknell type of deals everywhere whether it was at ZESA holdings, ZPC, POWERTEL, ZESA Enterprises. It has become their custom and practice to award contracts especially at ZETDC to install prepaid meters.

“Contracts were awarded to Solahart, Finmark, and Nyamazela but if l can tell you that those meters are being harvested (removed) right now.

“More than 500 000 meters which were installed by those private contractors are said to be harvested because they are either faulty or not functioning either the interface or that keyboard you use to top up your electricity(interface) and this issue was confirmed by the Auditor General.

“That was also confirmed by Zvishavane residents who once demonstrated against ZETDC after it failed to buy some cables and it took the people went for a month without electricity,”said Mushunje.

He revealed that the companies were accorded the privilege because they are owned by people who were named by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Energy.

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