Mounting Pressure For ZACC to Act On Cartels

Pressure continue to mount on the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to tackle corruption amid growing concern the country’s economic problems are being exacerbated by rent seeking behavior of cartels than sanctions.

This follows recent revelations by ZACC  that US$7 billion worth of cash and property has been stashed outside the country have been described by opposition MDC as ‘killing the country’.

Opposition deputy Spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka urged ZACC to act on the information at its disposal.
“The revelations by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission that US$7 billion worth of cash and property has been stashed outside the country by the political and business elite have exposed unbridled avarice and corruption–and not sanctions—as being at the core of the national crisis,” said Tamborinyoka in a statement.
“Now that they know, we await ZACC to show its fangs by arresting and prosecuting this crooked lot that has milked our country and brought this massive suffering on the people.
“That is why the fight against corruption and sleaze is one of the five fights to be waged by the people in 2020, alongside the key fight against illegitimacy that must lead to the reclamation of the people’s government that Zimbabweans voted for in 2018,” added Tamborinyoka.
Independent legislator for Norton Temba Mliswa who addressed a press conference in Harare on Wednesday accused cartels of capturing the economy.
“40 % of everything that we buy goes to Innscor. Where does that money go to? Does it go to a black person?No. Its a white monopoly.’
Who controls food distribution in this country? Who owns National Foods? Its not black people. Innscor Africa, Bakers Inn, Colcom, Irvines, are all a white monopoly. Don’t tell us that blacks are destroying the economy. Now they are into the mining sector.,” said Mliswa naming some of the companies alleged to be economy saboteurs.

Mliswa also hailed suspended ZANU PF youth leaders, Godfrey Tsenengamu and Lewis Matutu who are also cornering the government to take action against cartels and put an end to corruption in the country.

The outspoken Norton legislator said the evidence he laid bare was enough for ZACC to act adding that he will not be going there to submit it.

Recently, Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi dropped a bombshell when he said the judiciary had no capacity to prosecute cartels who had become untouchable.

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