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Empowerment Program Keeps Youths Free From Drugs


Sunningdale Councillor Hamilton Madzingira has come up with programmes that support young people to enrol for short courses as part of efforts to empower them and curb substance abuse.

By Gift Washaya

The program has seen over 200 students graduating with certificates in various courses which include welding, baking, carpentry and catering for free.

Cllr Madzingira said the idea came after realising youths are abusing drugs to escape from the effects of unemployment and idleness.

“The youths are suffering from the effects of drug abuse,” said Madzingira. “This is part of the anti-drug campaign.”

He said the idea was borrowed from vocational centres.

“We just brought Chinembiri Vocational Centre here to empower them with a critical skill for survival,” said Madzingira. “What we want is a positive result from our youths.”

Despite the challenges, Cllr Madzingira said he is determined to see all youths undertaking different projects so that they can earn a living.

“The major challenge we are facing is the shortage of materials in welding, said Madzingira. “However, we are fighting hard to solve the problem.”

The project is being implemented in collaboration with community primary schools that assist short-course students in their practical learning.

“We also partnered with Sunningdale 1 and Sunningdale 2 Primary Schools which are supporting students in practical learning, he said. “They voluntarily weld broken chairs and tables at these primary schools to enhance their practical skills.”

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Students said they are happy to be part of the program and they implored the Councillor to continue to do the good work.

“l thank Cllr Madzingira for bringing this program to us,” said one of the students Kudzaishe Mutsaru. “He is empowering the community and may he continue to push for more.”

They also said the programs are going to empower students with entrepreneurial skills.

“This knowledge is going to enable us to start our own businesses, said one of the students. “If it wasn’t for Mr Madzingira our lives would have been a disaster.”

 Sunningdale is one of the high-density suburbs which is affected by the problem of drug abuse.   

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