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The international break is dead and gone, and we had a fantastic weekend of football. So I didn’t watch all the games, my own footy league took precedence. So i didn’t see Carzola send a missle to the moon, or UTD get lucky with another own goal. I did see Liverpool destroy CITY and ummm is Chelsea back???

So the Gunners literally slipped up at WestBrom. Santi oh Santi, you coulda salvaged us a point. The Gunners always suck in November. the injury bug has hit them hard and now with Coqlein out for a while, we can safely say their season is over. That boy as unspectacular as he is, holds that midfield together, and without him the gunners are done for. Wenger i am sure regrets not getting a backup. The Gunners will be back, but urgently need to clear their treatment room and get players on the pitch.

UTD toiled, but ultimately prevailed. Top of the table they are now, and for all the boring football and uninspiring performances, they are still in it. If they can start scoring goals consistently, they will be a problem. DePay as Center forward was crazy, but hey no Rooney or Martial. He score a really good goal though.

Liverpool v City: I said to a liverpool fan that i was upset they fired Rodgers. I mean the guy had no idea what he was doing. Klopp though, is a beast. The way he has Liverpool playing is unreal. Against City they just looked hungry, determined, and class. The hugely average Lallana looked like a decent player. Coutinho for me though has stepped his game up. He is starting to look like a genuine world class playmaker. single handedly driving liverpool forward. When Klopp gets in some of the players he wants, Liverpool will be well a truly back. Am now backing them firmly for top 4.

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City STUNK. Navas is a horrible winger. Mangala, oh my, had a very shitty day. I mean he looks the realy deal doesnt he?? Strong, powerful physique and pace to burn. But not much of brain in that head of his, is there?? Needs Kompany at his side to tell him exactly where to stand. SMH. They miss Silva’s guile for sure. This was spanking at home too, imagine when they go to Anfield. City sometimes have these switch off games, but this was different, they just gave up. Didn’t look up for the fight. Punch drunk at 30 mins. They need fire back in their belly.

Chelsea win!! Not the two words we have seen together often this season. Costa took his goal beautifully. Again, it’s a match we expect them to win, but given their season so far, there was always doubt. The way player like Cesc and Harzard played over the break, you can’t help but think something is going on a Chelsea. Either way it’s 3 points in the fight to get out of the relegation zone hehehe!!! It’s only one win!!

Leceister. VARDY VARDY VARDY!!! 10 games in a row people this boy has scored in. It’s like he has figured shit out. The team itself is playing really well and don’t seem to stopping anytime soon. Top of table of table class vs UTD. Who woulda thought!!!

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Leceister city — Top of the table, top goal scorer
UTD — Scraping by every game, can only improve (scary)
Arsenal — Injuries injuries injuries, I have them to fall further over the coming weeks
Liverpool — The reds are coming. If they do this week in week out, watch out. Coutinhoooo!!!!
City — We miss Silva is the song they are singing right now

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