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Fuel Price Cuts: A Change Without Change


The recent reduction in fuel prices by the government has been received with skepticism with a cross section of Zimbabweans calling the move, a change without change.

Energy and Power Development Minister Simon Khaya Moyo on Tuesday told journalists that government has ordered players in the petroleum industry to reduce fuel prices with immediate effect to $1,35 per litre for petrol, $1,23 per litre for diesel and $1,17 for paraffin following the reduction in excise duty announced this week.

However, a survey by 263Chat on various social media platforms show that the move has been met with criticism.

Here a few responses from our social media platforms.


Vincent Rashamira Too expensive so it means petrol in Zim is like R20 per litre

Bornwell Mabhiya “There is no slashing. Do not even publish it. That’s hogwash or publicity stunt. It must be $75c a litre so that we understand it when Zambian price per litre is $80c which is thousands of miles from the harbour in Mozambique and RSA as compared to Zimbabwe.

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Thieves and greedy people are in business including political heavyweights!!!!!!!

Precious Guyo “So it seems there is some insider trading going on here,The Service station had already increased fuel prices especially in the outskirts in anticipation of this reduction so when the reduction was effected ,they simply reverted to old prices so for the consumer there is no CHANGE”

Seretse Wimbo “Actually the prices have hovering around $1.30 to $1.40 for petrol and $1.20-$130 for diesel chachinja hapana, just that the Gvt has announced a price reduction at one of the most expensive Service Station form $1.40/39 etc to $1.35 . otherwise some Service Stations have always been selling the petrol at $1.35.”

Trymore Luckson Phiri “Hapana apa, we need meaningful price reduction, petrol  going for dollar was a welcome move, it’s sad the Zim populace is one of the most overtaxed people in this world 4,”

Last ‘Katchie’ Kachala “After all the reduction is insignificant. The gvt is getting more than wat fuel dealers are suppose to get. In actual sense the duty per litre must not be more than 20cents.”

Jeremiah Madzikiti “It must be less than dollar Zambia is 80 cents can Zimbabwe of a person who 100 dollar a month a pensioner who workers the government to you are a government pensioner people laugh the lumpsome was burnt during Gono and nothing.”

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