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Gary Tight Heralds Bigbass Visuals Marathon

Rising contemporary musician, Gary Tight has partnered with budding record label Bigbass Entertainment on his latest project titled Kwandabva.

Kwandabva which speaks into the singer’s journey and past experiences that he believes are motivation enough for him to go past any new obstacles in life, is the record label’s debut high-quality video.

This is a move towards Bigbass’ grand plan in which the record label will be releasing two videos from different artists across the local music arena on two weeks intervals starting in January.

“This is Bigbass’ first high-quality video which goes towards the grand project that is set for this January. We will be releasing videos at fortnight intervals,” said Bigbass studio manager, Kudakwashe Manyore.

Asked on the record label’s measures to prevent monotony due to the frequency of releases Manyore said, “We are prepared for this giant task, this is even why we are announcing about the project now, a few days into December, because everything is in place.”

Bigbass is also behind Ndipe Mic Sessions, a local version of Hollywood’s Colors, a music platform that showcases exceptional talent from all around the world.

Kwandabva visuals were shot and edited by Panda Glits. Skofild produced the song.

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