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Gospel Artist Nyaree Chanel Releases Debut Album

A United Kingdom based Zimbabwean born gospel artist has released her first album, My Calling.

Nyarai Munyanyi, better known as Nyaree Chanel, released the 13-track album, produced by Zim-based producer Tawanda Tehillah Midzi from Roots Production and LAS Production’s Tavonga ‘Beloved’ Utete, during a listening party in Walsall earlier this month.

 Speaking about the album, Nyaree, a mother of three, said that it is a representation of where she started, where she is now and how she is using her gift to praise God and trust in his guidance.

Nyaree Chanel


“Most of the songs speak about the assurance of God’s guidance when we answer his calling. I’m answering my calling and advising others to take a leap of faith as well.”

Nyaree, a trained nurse and midwife, first discovered her passion for music at the age of nine, as a Sunday school attendee. She continued to pursue music when she moved to the UK and became a member of her local church choir. It was at this time that she decided to take her music to the next level.

As a lead singer in the youth division of the Salvation Army church choir in Zimbabwe, Nyaree said singing was an opportunity to showcase her gift both locally and nationally.

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“I loved my time in the Salvation Army choir as a child and teen. It was a chance to do what I loved. I also used to win a bible every year for attendance – this encouraged other children to attend Sunday school and discover the power of fellowship, as I had, through connecting with others in our community.”

“Losing close family members when I came to the UK as a teenager made me seek God more and music was, and still is, my healing outlet and source of joy, just as it was in Zimbabwe.

“I am delighted to be sharing what I love with the world. This album is not only a testament to the hard work and commitment over the last six months, but also a testimony of God’s unwavering love and grace. I could not have done it without the love and support of my family, my team, and my friends.”

Connecting people with God through the power of music

Nyaree has also explored South Africa’s most popular and current genre, amapiano, with a rendition of the popular song, Ndofamba naJesu (I walk with Jesus), a track she hopes will inspire a young audience.

“The album has a variety of songs, including some of my childhood favourites such as No one like Jesus and My home, to which I have added a contemporary feel.”

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“Namata urinde (Watch and pray), Zarura moyo (Open your heart to God), Ndinokutungamirira(I will lead and protect you), Dombo Rekare(Rock of ages), are also some of my favourite tracks. They all have one common theme and speak about God’s eternal love for us, as well as how worthy he is to be praised.”

“I would like to spread the word of God through singing, the same way, disciples like Paul and Peter in the bible spread the word through preaching.”

Plans for the future

Nyaree, who is planning to release music videos for Dhingu Satani, Namata urinde and Shoko renyu, later in the year, is planning a Zim tour early next year that will cover several towns and cities.

“I am hoping to share my music in the place where it all started and there is no better place than in my home country. I am also in the process of opening Nyaree Chanel Foundation, which will help children who do not have education opportunities, as well as teenage pregnancies.”

The album is now available on all digital platforms, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. You can also find her music on YouTube.

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