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Gospel Prodigy Samantha Mundo Soars with New Single ‘Hallelujah’ featuring DJ Tira

Samantha Mundo

Seventeen-year-old gospel sensation Samantha Mundo has released her latest single, “Hallelujah,” featuring celebrated South African artist DJ Tira. 

The song is a celebration of faith and belief in God. 

With its uplifting lyrics and passionate vocals, “Hallelujah” is already being hailed as a modern gospel classic and is sure to inspire listeners of all ages.

The collaboration between the young artist and celebrated DJ Tira is a testament to Samantha’s growing prominence in the gospel music world and her ability to bring together different genres and styles in a powerful and impactful way.

Samantha opens up about the inspiration behind the song, working with DJ Tira, and what she hopes to convey through her music.

“Working with DJ Tira was such a fun experience,” Samantha recalls. “The pressure-free environment made creating music effortless, and I learned that making music doesn’t always have to be serious.” 

The young artist embraced every idea that came to mind and truly enjoyed the process.

Balancing faith, career, personal, and educational life as a young person in the music industry can be a challenge, but Samantha has a strategy. 

“Having a strong relationship with God helps me stay grounded and focused, and my parents are always there to support me and make sure I enjoy my youth,” she says.

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“The message I want to convey through this new release is one of belief and faith,” says Samantha.

“I hope people remember that God will always be there for them, they just have to have faith and believe.”

The young artist’s message of faith and belief is sure to touch the hearts of many and inspire them to hold onto their beliefs.

‘Hallelujah’ is accompanied by a vibrant video with explosive energy and colour. 

Watch Hallelujah below;

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