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Harare Water Crisis: Council Convenes Special Meeting

The water crisis which has seen Harare residents going for days without the precious liquid has has forced the city fathers to convene a special meeting tomorrow to find solutions to the problem that could plunge the city into a health crisis.

This follows a petition to the Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba for a special council meeting by Councilors led by Denford Ngadziore from ward 16 in Marlbereign.

“In view of the fact that as local authorities we are mandated to provide services and if it happens that there are problems in the provision of the services, the board (council) should have an opportunity to discuss these problems in order to find solutions and make a policy decision to guide implementation,” reads part of the petition.

The 18 signature petition called for a special council meeting to discuss the water crisis in the city which has heightened the risk of waterborne diseases.

The council will also be looking into the city’s health status as well as launching the second phase of the 100 day program.

City of Harare has previously announced that they will not be able to provide water to residents due to low water levels in the major water sources.

Mayor Gomba said they will ensure that each suburb gets water at least once a week.

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