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Holy Ten Baby Mama Opens Up On Single Mom Struggles

High-riding musician Holy Ten’s baby mama Tariro Chelsea Hlomayi has opened up about her struggles as a single mom, saying she has been facing stigma and discrimination from the public since she became pregnant.

Hlomayi, who claims to be struggling financially and emotionally, went on to reveal that she has been going through postpartum depression in an Instagram post making rounds on social media.

Wrote Hlomayi;

“I have figured being quiet hurts than speaking out. God I’m writing this with soo much rage, pain and anger. Nobody understands how it feels to be me. My life has changed from being that vibrant happy soul, to that depressed paranoid young single mom whose been misunderstood by the society. The question is, before you have judged me did you take time to understand me?

“I blame myself for being with a celebrity, never knew I would be a laughing stock for having a child out of wedlock. Can you believe all the months I carried my baby, hapana kana rubatsiro rwandakawana from someone who got me pregnant. I could not feed well apa I have a child. I thought of how my life is and how it will end. 1 thing I know and now understand is that I’m a strong woman.

“A lot of ladies may think I’m bitter because he got married or he found love. No! I’m bitter because I’m getting the stigma of being impregnated by someone who lied and made me a laughing stock. I’m bitter because noone sees it, I’m bitter because I’m going through postpartum depression but nobody is doing anything about it.

“How can my baby’s family not love him? How can they not check up on their muzukuru? Why hate their blood? It hurts me every single day. Sometimes it’s never about money. Hence I will work hard and see my baby grow to be that man. I hope his father sees this and tells the truth to everyone. I will let God be my judge and no one should. My fellow women bashing me for getting pregnant is a shame! But I serve a Living God. He will not forsake me.”

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